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ViuCom Corp

ViuCom offers wide varieties of live streaming apps and accessories to promote IRL, action sports, events, educational, business, news and fun & entertaining broadcasting. ViuLive is the only live streaming app allowing multiple cameras to join in on a broadcast from any locations and allowing viewers to choose which camera to watch.


MyZesty Inc

MyZesty offers series of apps for image & video making and editing. These easy to use apps include various editing tools and features including predefined filters, templates, video maker, etc. MyZesty is the only app keeping the image high resolution before & after the edit and mirroring ability on large TV screens for crowd viewing.

MyZesty also has some very unique underwater filters which can enhance the underwater images with poor quality to look like very good quality images.

MyZestyMyZesty Pro

My App Spaces Inc

Several apps are offered by at My Spaces at this time. “Ziba Property” which focuses on property management and real estate listings, “at My Marina” which focuses on marina management and yacht ownership and buy & sell around the world, “at My Clouds” app, encrypts your mobile data your mobile data before they get saved on the clouds. This app allows users to have encrypted data uploaded & decrypted data downloaded using multiple platforms.

Ziba PropertyAtMyMarinaAtMyCloud
Millennium Systems Design

Established since 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a history of system designs for high-end test and measurement instrumentations covering designs for wide varieties of protocols such as PCIe, USB, SAS, SATA.

Since 2016 the company focus is mostly software and apps development. We now have a team of developers & experts for Android & iOS development supporting many of our products design and development from this location.

Millennium Systems Design

Millennium Egypt

Established since 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. This location supports many of our products development, some expertise include Computer Vision & Image Processing.

Millennium Egypt
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